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Physical science

PHYSICAL SCIENCE TESTPlease answer questions 1 -20 for each answer look at the picture that I have attached for each question before answering the questions. I have labeled them question 1…..1. The lasers are made from stacking light waves that add together into a larger wave in a process known as _____.destructive interference. constructive interference radio interference gamma ray interference2. The light waves have that particular interference from question #1 because they are emitted _____.in phase out of phase in perpendicular directions in thoughtless rage3. The emission of the light waves in the lasers allows them to overlap properly to create larger waves, which means that _____ overlap. the waves do not the troughs of one wave and the crests of another identical parts of the two waves only fifty percent of one wave and another wave4. The lasers are red, meaning that they are giving off light in the _____ region of the electromagnetic spectrum.radio microwave visible light ultraviolet5. The weapon used by the Jawa surrounds R2-D2 with a strong electric field, which is created by a large imbalance of _____.electrons chemical bonds neutrons the Force6. The electric field induces the flow of electrons, known as _____.voltage electric current resistance interference7. The magnitude of the electric current is directly proportional to the _____ of the electric field.voltage electric current resistance interference8. The magnitude of the electric current is inversely proportional to the _____ of the circuits in R2D2.voltage electric current resistance interference9. The setting sun is actually visible after it has dropped below the horizon due to the bending of light waves entering the atmosphere at a non-perpendicular angle to the surface, a process known as _____.reflection refraction constructive interference destructive interference10. The Sun is going down, and most of the land is dark, but we can see silhouettes and outlines of objects because some light is still _____ the atmosphere.absorbed in reflected by transmitted through scattered by11. Obi Wan uses his Jedi mind tricks to compel people to do his will. The words he uses begin in his vocal cords which _____ the air molecules in his throat.reflect refract absorb vibrate12. Han and Greedo fire their blasters at each other. The blasts are loud, and the intensity of the sound spreads through the cantina following the _____.Conservation of Momentum Inverse Square Law Ohm’s Law Newton’s Third Law of Momentum13. The sound strikes the cantina walls and bounces off at the same angle as it struck in a process known as _____.reflection refraction constructive interference destructive interference14. Obi Wan hears the destruction of a planet and all of its people through ‘the force’. These sounds are only in his head and are not carried through space, since space has no _____ through which sound could transmit.electromagnetic wave electrons magnetic field medium15. However, had it been a real sound, the sound’s pitch would have been increased by the Doppler Effect, since the Falcon was moving _____ the source of the sound.perpendicular to away from towards at the same speed as16. The communications of the ship were made inoperable by electromagnetic waves sent by the Death Star that were completely out of phase with attempted communications causing _____.reflection refraction constructive interference destructive interference17. Vader’s light saber is red, while Obi-Wan’s light saber is blue, meaning that Obi-Wan’s light saber is emitting _____ compared to Vader’s light saber.lower energy light waves higher energy light waves the same energy light waves more sound waves18. You are standing 10 meters from a light source.  Then, you back away from the light source until you are 20 meters away from it.  From your perspective, what has happened to the intensity of the wave?It has decreased by a factor of two. It has increased by a factor of two. It has decreased by a factor of four. It has increased by a factor of four.19. You are standing 100 meters from an object emitting a sound of constant intensity (loudness).  You walk toward the source of sound until you are 20 meters from it.  From your perspective, what has happened to the intensity of the sound?It has decreased by a factor of five. It has increased by a factor of five. It has decreased by a factor of twenty-five. It has increased by a factor of twenty-five20. The Inverse Square Law applies to:Intensity of Sound Gravitational Force Intensity of Light Electric Force Magnetic Force

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