Planning and control

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PLANNING AND CONTROL Create a Professional Balanced Scorecard with SMART objectivesThis week’s case study provided you with background on how to use SMART objectives and a balanced scorecard. For this SLP, you will be creating a Professional Balanced Scorecard that can help measure your career progress over time.Use the attached Self-Appraisal form (MGT301 SLP2) to create your submission.You are asked to assess yourself in at least four areas: Financial, Career, Individual Strengths, and Learning & Growth. You may add other categoriesWrite at least one short-term and one longer-term SMART objective for each category.Explain how the objective is measured.Include activities to support growth. Similar to SLP1, look at upcoming classes, training at work, and online opportunities for training you could pursue to invest in improving your skill set.SLP Assignment ExpectationsYour submission will include:A fully completed Career Balanced Scorecard with SMART objectives

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