Platos dialogue and the Socrates’ argument

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic platos dialogue and the socrates’ argument. In the book by Michael Boylan and Charles Johnson, there is this Plato’s dialogue between Crito and Socrates. Socrates faces charges of disobeying the gods of Athens and misleading the youths of Athens through his teachings. Socrates is offered a chance to escape through the help of his friend, Crito, who would have paid the right people to make this easily possible. Instead, Socrates turns down the offer and remains to face the law because he did not want to pay evil with evil. 

According to the Philosopher, “…shall we insist on the truth of what was then said, that injustice is always an evil and dishonor to him who acts unjustly?” (Boylan and Johnson 55). Here, Socrates posed a question to Crito to ask him whether they were justified to do evil or insist on the truth. Crito agrees with him that injustice is always evil and dishonor to the unjust, therefore this would imply that Socrates needs to stick to what is right as doing an unjust act will lead him to evil and dishonor.

From Socrates’ argument, it is not just to do evil against many people. It means one must critically think of the consequences of their action before they act. By accepting to escape from the prison, he will be injuring the people of Athens since “…doing evil to another is the same as injuring him,” (55). In order not to find ourselves in positions such as these, then we need not retaliate or do evil for evil. This is because, when we do evil for evil, we do not tend to solve any problem, but add on a lot of problems to ourselves.

Here, it is true what Socrates was talking about. Socrates is not in any way trying to justify the wrong he committed by going against the laws of Athens. He agrees to all that. Or this reason, he has been imprisoned. He feels .that it is right to pay for his wrongdoing according to the law without running away from it. This is because, by trying to run away from it through planning to escape, he would be committing another evil to these people for having imprisoned him.

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