Police Ethics and Corruption

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Create a thesis and an outline on Police Ethics and Police Corruption. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. &nbsp.Studies have shown that prisoners do not only feel discriminated or unworthy due to the mere fact that they have been incarcerated. rather, the unethical treatment that they may face while serving their times is also a major contributor to these negative feelings.The importance and challenges of the jobs of police officers in maintaining ethical handling of prisoners cannot, therefore, be overemphasized. Despite the tremendous animosity that prisoners may have towards them, police officers are expected to and must always portray and practice professional and ethical conduct in all dealings with prisoners (Goodman, 2007). Among the hallmarks of police officers’ interactions with prisoners should be respect, humanness, and impartiality. Through their ethically and morally upright actions towards prisoners, police officers should be role models to prisoners placed under their care and watch, their personal attitudes and perceptions towards the prisoners notwithstanding.To uphold ethical practices towards prisoners, the concept of the powers that police/correctional officers have over prisoners must not be abused. If maltreated, prisoners may develop feelings of dependency and powerlessness. There are several ways in which the unethical use of such police powers over prisoners may affect prisoners. The first type of effect is psychological harm to prisoners.&nbsp.

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