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Policies and procedures

ScenarioYou are the manager of a new licensed bar located opposite the beach in a primarily residential area. You are responsible for setting up all the compliance systems for the bar and employing and training the staff, and maintaining records.Your first responsibility is to ensure you have prepared policies and procedures for the service of alcohol to customers in the bar.Your TaskAnswer each of the questions below, relating to the scenario above.Q1. List all the policies and procedures that you may need to write to ensure compliance with the liquor laws regarding the service of alcohol to customers in the bar.Q2. Select one of the topics listed in your answer in Q1 and develop a policy and procedure for this area of RSA compliance for the bar. All sections of a compliance policy and procedure MUST be included in your response.Q 3. Explain how you will communicate the policy and procedure to your staff to ensure compliance. Make sure you include the consequences of non-compliance if staff do not follow the policy.Q4. Explain what you believe to be the greatest risk associated with the procedure you wrote in Q2 for this area of compliance.Q5. What will you do to try to eliminate this risk from occurring? Q6: List all the sources you accessed and authorities you contacted to research regulatory information required for you to develop a policy and procedure.  Specifically what advice did you need from these sources?Q8. How will you inform staff of any updated information?Q 9. What will you do to make sure that staff are adhering to the policies and procedures .i.e. How will you monitor compliance in the bar.?Q10. What records do you need to keep?

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