Policies towards cannabis use

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Despite most countries pursuing repressive policies towards cannabis use, others, such as the Netherlands and some states in the USA, adopt a more liberal approach. Comment on the liberal policy approach to cannabis in the Netherlands and some states in t. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.2008, p. 34)Contrary to the policies in Netherlands many countries have emphasized on the negative consequences towards the legalization of marijuana. Countries cite that marijuana results to defragmenting the society and, therefore, must face rejection. Due to the different opinions there has been friction between Netherlands and other states that outlaw marijuana. However, some states are encouraging experiments on the issue to establish the action to take. Some countries have legal programs that see to it that cannabis gets produced for medical purposes, but do not advocate using the drug for recreational purposes (Boekhout 2004, p.12)Netherlands have recorded results towards the use of marijuana. After the legalization of marijuana in the country, the number f people who use cannabis have increased. However, the number has also increased in the states that have outlawed the consumption. The state has a high number of citizens looking for services in the addict care system. Therefore, the number of people who use marijuana has decreased in the state, and the use of marijuana is stabilizing. The country has also recorded a decrease in a number on the people who use hard drugs such as cocaine and also heroin. It, therefore, indicates that Netherlands is among the countries in Europe that has the lowest number of addicts (Room et al. 2008, p. 23)Irrespective of the fact that there has been a rise in the usage of marijuana in Netherlands the number of citizens addicted is stable. The stepping stone theory that got applied in the country has, therefore, proven to be effective. Similar to the neighboring countries, Netherlands has also witnessed a high number of individuals who use XTC. People who use the drug are young people however the rate has recorded decrease in the recent years (Hall 2003, p.34)On the contrary to the policies in Netherlands, the United Kingdom has laws prohibiting

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