Political violence in latin America

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Political violence in latin america in the 20th century.Dictatorship was the core problem which was carried out by top most government officials and militants who violated the human rights. They were influential and their followers implemented their selfish acts. They carried out terrorist attack, coup detours. they were the big drugs lords. These leaders only benefited themselves and oppressed their citizens.Many middle class people lost there jobs and property and affected economical this led to abject poverty and social exclusion. There was great suffering by this population because they lost there families, property and others become homeless. It came a time these people could get basic needs like shelter, security, food and health care. This was due to the oppression exercise by the dictatorship.The struggle of democracy was costly but it was worth it since this oppression and human right violation were too much. Activist and law students were at the forefront of fighting for their rights. Many were killed, tortured and others sent to exile.It is important to preserve the collective memory because when it is preserved people will not forget their history and the likely of it recurring will be less since the incident and what happened is learned from generation to generation. It helps them in remanding them what can happen when democracy is not practiced. It being a history it became a studying subject.Forgetting what happened have to be mandatory though this free willingness situation, for a nation to progress people have to forgive each other of the past violence. if people still hold on to what happened to them or their ancestors peace will never be found since the urge of revenging of want happened to their families will poses them, hence its important the victims to

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