Pop art and fashion

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Pop Art and Fashion. Write a 4500 word paper answering; Art has been very influential in the past years. Art is wide and does not only involve paintings, sculptures, photography and film-making. It can also be defined as skill and imagination overuse in order to create different aesthetic objects, surroundings and experiences that are shared to different individuals in the society. And from the ancient days art has continued to develop in a gradual manner. Among the development in art is the introduction of what is known as pop art. It is known to be popular culture’s art and its characteristic is that it has optimism sense. Most artists have been greatly influenced by this and majority of them have interpreted pop art in their own way. Among those influenced by Pop art is lady Gaga who is perceived to be one of the famous pop singer and song writer. She is known to have unique fashion taste. As a result, her fashion designer created several designs that mainly have the artist’s style association. Through this, today’s generation has been influenced greatly into appreciating art as a significant element of human life. In today’s society pop art has made tremendous influence on different kinds of fashions. In order to be able to fully understand the contemporary art it is important to look back and appreciate all the individuals of the past generation who remained focused and persistent in making this kind of art possible. It is amazing how most artists were able to customize different things that they came across in life. They were able to apply art in everything.

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