Portfolio for managing business responsibilities

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 2250 words essay on Portfolio for Managing business responsibilities. This makes its more complex to sustain their social relationships.Recently, I had to watch two of my friends, male and female of medium age, argue after they had failed to agree on the way they should organize their group meetings. They failed to agree on the day they could meet to handle their assignments. Since each member proposed a day of their own when they would be free, they failed to reach a concession since every one of them wanted their decision be taken into consideration. At the end, they started shouting at one another and this resulted to a serious argument that I had to intervene. My boyfriend felt that the lady should submit to his suggestion while the lady felt that the boy was exercising male chauvinism and this was against the principle of equality which she upheld. On intervention, I advised them to calm down and avoid the row that was now attracting a larger crowd. I felt that it was not a good idea for each person to pursue personal interests as this was would be a selfish behaviour that may affect the process of socialization.Evaluating the idea of cultural influence in the social realms as expressed by many scholars, personality crashes arise due to the cultural social behaviour that people acquire in their traditional lifestyle (Melé & Sánchez-Runde, 2013: Li, 2007). While the two friends may have given selfish propositions, their ideas may be in a way regarded as correct. They followed the decision making process that they feel is most suitable. While my male friend seems to have been brought up in a society where the males make decisions, the lady seems to have been brought up in a culture where females are empowered and they have the same rights to make decisions. Therefore, this kind of crash was a result of their cultural understandings. However, it would be important for them to learn to listen to each other so as to sustain their social relationship. They should solve their problems more easily by

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