Postmodernism and Material Culture

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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Postmodernism and Material Culture.The essay “Postmodernism and Material Culture” analyzes postmodernism and the material culture. In detail, it refrains from victimizing definitions such as female versus male, straight versus gay, black versus white and colonial versus imperial. Therefore, postmodernism holds realities to be relative to the interested parties and their main concerns. Postmodernism influences numerous cultural fields which include sociology, literary criticism, visual arts, music, architecture and linguistics. The wide range of terms in statements and assumptions in argument seem to complicate the study of postmodernism. We begin by differentiating the concepts and terms of postmodernism. The postmodern refers to a historical condition. Postmodernity assess the acknowledgment or lack of the same about postmodernism. Finally, postmodernism may be exhibited in various movements that exhibit self-awareness and intention of varying degrees. Postmodernism refers to an awareness of transition within the societal and cultural spectrums following the World-War II. It also associates with the upheavals associated with the mass-mediated populist consumer culture of the 1960s-1970s. In culture and art, postmodernism contributes towards the development of hybrid cultural forms. Often, individuals of the affected localities try to be against or in support of the hegemonic Western culture. In history, postmodernism alters progress of the goal oriented history. Postmodernism disrupts myths that propagate ethnic and national identities.

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