Potential of singapore signature treatment

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

The potential of a Singapore Signature Treatment. Write a 6750 word paper answering; The paper tells that the tourism industry is very huge in Asia especially in South East Asia where a lot of tourists flock the region to enjoy. As a result, these tourists need to be treated and afforded quality services. There are various forms of relaxation and some of these methods include swimming, sightseeing and personalized services. Over the years, the personalized services industry has grown tremendously to include more specialized services such as foot messages or even hair treatment. One of the industries where people look for personalized services is the Spa industry. Singapore is one of the countries whereby Spas are operated by professionals who are recognized globally. Several top notch beauty companies have set up operations in Singapore as part of their strategy in tapping the Singapore market. Several established companies such as Mintel oxygen have produced reports that have shown that one of the reasons that stop people from paying for spas is the lack of appeal and this concept applies both on visual effect and treatment menu. As a result it is necessary to develop special treatment which is recognized in the Singapore market and the globe. Several countries such as Thailand and India have developed signature treatments that have attracted a lot of consumers. Due to the high completion in the Spa industry it is prudent for a country or region to a unique selling point that will attract customers the attention of customers. Therefore, Singapore should be geared towards development of a unique Spa experience in tandem with companies such as Decleor. The use of natural ingredients without preservatives and essential oils has had the result of easy penetration to the skin and therefore acting as an effective way of curing heart conditions.

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