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Practical connection assignment for this course

This is the practical connection assignment for this course. This paper must directly address the applications and implications of the concept of cryptology to the security of information in a digital world and containall of the following elements;a title page. an introduction of the content of the paper. a brief review of the recent literature related to data encryption. a brief analysis of the applications of cryptology for digital information security. a conclusion that summarizes the content of your paper and discusses future research opportunities related to your topic. a reference page(s).To complete this assignment, upload a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) that contains your complete paper. Remember that your paper, including your list of sources, must be in APA format, and you MUST cite your references in the body of the paper using APA in-text citation format. A source is any paper or article that you will reference in your paper. If you need more information on APA format (for references list AND in-text citations), visit this reference:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/This assignment must be YOUR OWN WORK! and cannot be comprised of work completed for other classes or previous iterations of this course. This is an individual assignment. Plagiarism detected in your work will be addressed as discussed in the plagiarism section of the syllabus.Here are a few details about the overall research paper Please look at the attached rubric for details on how the paper will be graded.Your paper must include both a Title page and a Reference page. Your paper shouldNOTinclude an abstract. Your paper must include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed resources (articles or papers) Cited sources must directly support your paper (i.e. not incidental references) Your paper must be at least 800 words in length (butNOTlonger than 1000 words;Scholarly writing should be efficient and precise. Be clear in the information that you are conveying and with the evidence used to support it. Here is a good resource to help with writing concisely:https://academicguides.waldenu.edu/writingcenter/scholarlyvoice/writingconcisely) Title and reference pages areNOTincluded in calculating the paper length. If you are not sure how to identify peer-reviewed papers or articles, please visit the following resources:http://diy.library.oregonstate.edu/using-google-scholar-find-peer-reviewed-articleshttp://libguides.gwu.edu/education/peer-reviewed-articles

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