Prerequisites and consequences of global warming

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: The Prerequisites and Consequences of Global Warming. Global Warming Global Warming Global warming is one of the most alarming challenges which planet earth has been facing in the last few decades. It is, without doubt, a serious issue for the stability and solidarity of earth. Global warming has made a huge impact on the climate and weather of earth. Global warming has also made an impact on the constant rise in sea levels, meltdown of ice caps on mountains and had thus caused huge changes in global climatic conditions (Vitousek, pp. 1861-1876). In my point of view, global warming does not only represent a change in climatic conditions but it also portrays a potential threat to all living things on the face of this earth.Since 1980, there has been a massive change in global average temperatures and this has certainly risen significantly within the last century. The core reason behind such indefinite rise in temperature has been caused due to the constant increase in greenhouse gas emissions which has been produced due to various human activities. As a matter of fact, most scientists have agreed on the fact that the atmosphere of the planet’s temperature has risen approximately by 0.7 degree Celsius since 1980 and it there is a threat that it may even continue to increase at this astounding rate in the near future. According to many scientists and researchers, 1990 has been recorded as the hottest ever year in the 20th century. Apart from that, the years 1991, 1983, 1985, 1986 and 1989 have been recorded as some of the warmest years in the 20th century. As a consequence, the constant rise in temperature has also been felt all across the globe. Reportedly, temperature of the earth may rise from a reported 1.6°C to 5.9°C within the next century (Hughes, pp. 56-61).A huge increase in the quantity of greenhouse gases definitely leads to an increase of global warming in the atmosphere. The increase in greenhouse gases leads to an increase in CO2 emission, which is proposed to be the single largest contributor for global warming because it has the largest share among green house gases within the atmosphere (Schneider, pp. 23-29). However, there are ways through which this issue can be mitigated. A good way to solve this problem is forestation. Plantation of trees can help in restoring the balance which was disturbed by greenhouse gases. The utilization of vehicles which are fuel-efficient and which have lower C02 emissions of dangerous gases can be used to control this global issue. There have been growing concerns regarding CO2 emissions and a massive increase in global temperatures have propelled various nations, regions, states, companies and individuals in implementing a plan of action which can control this fatal problem. Due to this reason, the Kyoto protocol was formed in 1997. The core motive of that protocol was combating global warming and eradicating the problems which are threatening the ozone layer. It is a travesty, however, that even after 17 years of its implementation, the issue of global warming has not been effectively handled and the threat looms large across the world (Victor, pp. 39-44). At a personal level, I can play my part as a responsible individual by reducing waste and also by choosing products which can be reused and recycled instead of being disposed. By purchasing products which have minimum packaging costs, it can help me to reduce wastage. Within the household, we can use energy efficient bulbs, heating devices and energy savers which consume less electricity and thus can help in mitigating global warming. It is important to follow such steps because constant increase in global warming could destroy planet earth within merely a few decades or possibly years. Works CitedHughes, Lesley. “Biological consequences of global warming: is the signal already apparent?” Trends in Ecology & Evolution 15.2 (2000): 56-61.Schneider, Stephen Henry. Global Warming: are we entering the greenhouse century? James Clarke & Company, 1990.Vitousek, Peter M. “Beyond global warming: ecology and global change.” Ecology 75.7 (1994): 1861-1876.Victor, David G. The Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to slow Global Warming. Princeton University Press, 2004.

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