President obamas address on iraq

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

President obamas address on iraq The primary issue being addressed by the speech is the end of the war in Iraq. He affirms that many sacrifices were needed and that that day marks the end of American troops’ exposure to the threats in Iraq. The central claim is that the deployment of the troops to Iraq was justified and necessary.Power of Reason, Claim Authority, and RefutationsThis speech demonstrates the use of persuasive techniques. His claim seems to lack support from some of the audience. He supports his argument and claim by saying that America is a land of peace and that any peacekeeping missions are a priority since nothing can be exchanged for peace. More notably, he uses the authority of other people to support his claims.The Text in the New ContextThis text relates to other books that have been addressing similar issues. The context of this speech has been overly recited in most of the readers talking about the war in Libya. This text’s context will continue to be cited referred to in the future, especially by leaders who will be supporting further action against terrorism.&nbsp.Textual Analysis. President Obama’s Address on IraqIntroductionAmid global security issues prevalent in modern society, many societies worldwide are taking stringent measures to ensure that their companies remain safe from security threats. However, larger organizations such as America have always been at the forefront of fighting for peace worldwide. It can be argued that America is the words peace custodian with collaboration with other nations. It is possible to understand the discourse of political activities by textually analyzing the speeches given by political leaders as they address various issues in society. This is a textual analysis of President Obama’s address on Iraq.Rhetorical ContextThe speech was prepared and presented by Obama as the American president and the ultimate authority over Iraq’s issues. From the onset of the address, it is undeniable that America took the responsibility of quenching the terror threat and war in Iraq. The former president was responsible for arranging for peace restoration in Iraq. Therefore, the president is speaking on behalf of the American people since they are the ones who have vested the leadership power to him. The intended audience is the American people. The American people are the main contributors to the terror fighting efforts in Iraq since they pay tax.&nbsp.

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