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Prin of Organizational Behav

Essay on Prin of Organizational Behav. Paper must be at least 500 words. It is not in the best interest of any company to have a high employee turnover rate. It takes money and time to properly train an employee. Also new employees must master the learning curve of their job to become effective workers. Another con associated with high employee turnover is loss of tacit knowledge (Goessl).Employee turnover can hurt a company especially when the firm loses employees that are hard to replace due to a shortage of talent available in the job market.There are different personality types or managerial styles. Three of those styles are charismatic, transactional, and transformational leaders. A charismatic manager is a person that uses their personal abilities to have a profound effect on their workers. This type of personality is effective at the executive management level. The personality type that I think is most effective for your typical manager is transactional leader. A transactional manager is a person that performs the necessary exchanges with their employees to ensure they get the job done.A bad decision maker is a person that does not use the scientific method in order to analyze potential solutions to find the best alternative to solve a problem. Another characteristic of poor decision makers is that they do not listen to the input from their co-workers. Good decision makers follow the six step rational model to make decisions. The six step rational decision model is illustrated below:5. What variable pay programs does your organization use? If your company does not use variable pay programs, do you think they should? Why or Why Not? Do you think the addition of these programs would be motivational for the employees in your organization?The organization I work for does not use variable pay programs. I believe that the company should implement the use of variable pay program. The reason I believe variable pay would be beneficial to both the

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