Privacy Policy

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

For this assignment, I would like you to evaluate a corporate Privacy Policy. You can pick a company of your choosing and then search for the privacy policy on the organization’s website. You may have to search through the company’s site itself or you may have to Google it in order to find the page. Please do not pick Amazon for this assignment, since that is what I’m using here in the examples. I think they (Amazon) have done a pretty solid job of at least being transparent about what they are doing with our data.

Take a brief look at these pages below and notice what Amazon tells you about customer data, how it’s used, how they organize the information, and whether or not you think they are being transparent, honest, and open about their intentions:Amazon Echo/Alexa Privacy Page: (Links to an external site.)AWS (Amazon Web Services) Privacy Pages: 

Once you have viewed the links above and have located your selected company’s privacy policy, then answer the following (in an approx. 2 page memo):

1) Provide a brief summary/overview of the company’s privacy stance in your own words.

2) Based upon our study of customer privacy/data, what do you feel this organization does right in their approach to privacy?

3) What could be improved upon in terms of their privacy policy/stance (use the Amazon links above as a standard if needed)?

4) As organizations become more member focused and their services evolve toward subscription based models, how do you believe that trend will impact the topic of customer privacy and data collection in business?

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