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Essay Sabkha Soils: Problems And Solutions. The work is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Adding cement to the soil when constructing is another viable method that can be implemented together with cut and filling methods. However, preloading and compression are viewed as practical, economic and easy to apply and research has shown that they are the best alternative solutions when constructing something on sabkha soils.Sabkha soils are often found in various parts of the globe particularly arid and semi-arid places as illustrated in Fig. (1). Sabkha is an Arabic term that is used to describe coastal sediments recently developed and characterized by low bearing capabilities.Sabkha soils mainly contain enough quantities of clay that can enable them to swell or shrink as a result of the moisture content changes during different seasons due to various factors like groundwater, rainfall as well as seawater. Sabkha soil tends to swell when it has absorbs enough moisture and it shrinks when it loses that moisture. Under certain conditions, Sabkha soils often exhibit significant swelling pressures that can result in damages to structures.Damages to structures such as roads, buildings, and other structures are common especially if they are constructed on Sabkha soils. Economic losses are often experienced and in some cases, life is even lost in the event of distress caused by the collapse or destruction of structures that are constructed on Sapka soils. As such, understanding the true nature of this type of soil is very important since it has a bearing on the welfare of human beings. Different elements of Sapka soils are discussed below:Sabkha soil is rich with salt deposits that result from the evaporation of marine water in certain places and is often viewed as a collapsible type of soil. When dry, this type of soil has good engineering qualities and is suitable for low lying settlements. Elements such as climate have a bearing on sabkha development especially in arid or semi-arid areas characterized by thunderstorms.

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