Process of applying for a degree at csu

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Write a 1 page paper on the process of applying for a degree at csu. Memo Memo A Memo format to explain the process of applying for a degree at CSU Fellow Colleagues Chris Wellington November 16, 2012Subject: Applying for a degree at CSUThe Colorado State University offers quality and recognized degrees in various fields. I have a desire to further my education through this University and would suggest that you too can apply for the online degree. The following is the process of applying this degree online:Go to the CSU website, and click, on the menu, “apply online.” To complete this application, just type your responses in the corresponding fields or choose answers from the popup listing wherever it is applicable. Incase of any help, click the HELP icon on the left side of the screen.Next, click the next icon at the bottom or on any sections outlined on the left line to move to a dissimilar screen. Your data will be inspected for inconsistencies and errors. If omissions or mistakes are realized, you will be taken back to the screen to correct the responses. Otherwise, your information will be saved to allow you proceed. Put in mind that if you use the jump or Skip button on your left, information on that screen will not be saved and you will be required to re-enter your data before submission.After completing the application, click on the “SUBMIT” icon positioned on the left side of the column to present the application. I look forward to your applications. For any questions, please conduct me as soon as possible on my Email address. .

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