Procurement stage review

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Submission #1 (HW#1: Procurement stage review)Student needs to identify a project procurement stage, process, or critical success factor as his/her topic for the term project. The topic should be used for all three submissions. A list of potential topics include the following. · Public and political support· Environmental assessment (NEPA)· Plan, Specification and Estimate (PS&E)· Cost benefit analysis· Value capturing· Asset Recycling· Permitting and Approval· Contract Preparation· Bidding and Award· Negotiation· Construction Review and Acceptance· Operation and Maintenance Performance· Project Bankruptcy· Other topicsStudent is required to select one topic and perform a comprehensive review. Student is required to submit a review paper on selected topic before Oct 14. A good review paper is expected to be 7000-9000 words plus figures and tables. A student can either conduct an in-depth review of 3-5 journal papers with calculation and analysis or a broad general review of more than 15 articles on a specific topic. The file must be in word format and submitted through ELMS turnitin.A sample outline of the review paper on Bidding and Award is as follows· Features of your selection project type· General procedure and milestones on bidding and award· Types and characteristics of bidding· Information requirements· Bidder evaluation and selection· Special issues (e.g. recent research outcomes, challenges) · References· Appendix (if any)Student is encouraged to discuss with the instructor for the topic and project. Please note that each student will select a different topic.

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