Program Planning, Research, and Evaluation

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Program Planning, Research, and Evaluation. The essay is to be 10 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Since the children cannot access most of the health check-ups and treatments due to lack of resources. This health promotion program will be developed in conjunction with Everett Community Health Partnership (ECHP). The mission of ECHP is to enhance health and the standard of life of the community of Everett. This is done by generating chances for the organizations, individuals, and families to work together and strategically in solving essential difficulties in the community (Cambridge Health Alliance, 2014).3The basic community health care assessment provides an evaluation of the general health status by the community members. However, this assessment has been difficult to be determined in the Everett, MA Public School System due to community violence. This research is important in establishing the effect of the persistent community violence on their (community members, that is, children) academic ability, substance use, as well as behavioral and emotional factors. This is because the African American girls are from an ethnic minority group that is prone to persistent community violence (Cooley-Strickland et al., 2009).3The city of Everett is in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, close to Boston. At the time of the United States Census in 2011, the total population estimate of the city was 41,079. The Everett, MA Public School is located at 100 Elm St, Everett, MA 02149 (Everett Public Schools, 2014).4However, MA Everett public school has a drop-out rate of 3.3%, which exceeds the state’s rate of 2.2%, but performs better than the state in regard to in-school suspensions with 1.4% as compared to 2.2% (Cambridge Health Alliance, 2014). The Everett High School graduation rate is 86.5%, which is in accordance with 85% state graduation rate (Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2014). Hospitalization as a result of mental disorder is high in Everett in all age groups (Cambridge Health Alliance, 2014).5The

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