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Project Management Module

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: Project Management Module : There are many projects known to the public, which have received attention by the media because of their perceived failures.g lack of well defined business case. selection of appropriate execution strategy. project team with supportive project management environment. effective resources allocation and management. efficient project execution. technical competence. sound organisational quality culture. well defined organisational structure. good communication. motivated staff. and quick and effective conflict resolution. Recommendations include stakeholder involvement. integration of stakeholder interests in the project. delegation of responsibilities. and strategic project management.Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA), the national carrier of Saudi Arabia, is the largest airline in the Middle East with over 117 aircraft. The airline operates one third of the flights, while the rest are operated by foreign airlines. SAUDIA has been the only carrier flying from and to Saudi destinations since 1945. The airline serves 16 million passengers annually across 50 cities around world (Shoult, 2006). Recent years have seen an increase in private aviation companies. Cordesman (2003) concluded that King Fahd was the first to advance the idea of privatising SAUDIA in 1994. The board allowed formation of a committee for restructuring in 1999. Investment banks were invited to prepare bids for privatisation in 2000. Contracts with consulting firms were signed in 2000, and studies began with the goal of floating the company in the stock market for subscription by the public. The privatisation process is still underway in 2010 raising doubts about the effectiveness of the process. A critical review of the process has been undertaken, and recommendations developed for effectively managing the process.The Saudi Arabian Government has embarked on an ambitious plan to modernise the aviation system. A report published by the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation (2010) indicated that under the liberalised and modern system, passengers would have increased options and the sector’s efficiency would improve. A key

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