Project Planning and Implementation

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay Service Management: Project Planning and Implementation. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Due to the holistic nature of a project brief, following the brief assures the client of the project meeting his vision. Additionally, as the brief deals with the process as well as the product, adherence by all participants during the construction process prevents deviation of the project in terms of either methodology or specification. Adherence to brief also allows benchmarking for the project and sets higher standards for all contractors involved. Prestige: The prestige and pride associated with a project have to inculcated by the project management team to motivate all actors to perform at their optimum during the process. A high level of personal pride translates to a better site, with a multi-disciplinary non-adversarial approach to problem-solving and work completion. Such an atmosphere reflects positively on the project and assures the client throughout the project of the competence and motivation of the team on site. Profitability: The objective of profitability of the project is a cornerstone of a successful project, and the client’s needs can be met only if at every stage of the project, every possible method to value-engineer the project is used to cut costs and increase profitably for the client. Constant monitoring of these methods and their quantifiable results should be presented to the clients, so as to assure him of the teams’ endeavor towards meeting project goals and deliverables. Expectations: At the onset, every client has a certain expectation from the project in terms of process and product. These expectations should be crystallized by the project management team during the design and planning stages so as to meet actual possible execution targets. The contractors and consultants should also be made aware of what the client expects from them so that they can streamline project procedures and operations to meet the client’s expectations. Quality: The first step towards the assurance of quality is an objective assessment of the competence of the contractor and the CDM coordinator. All stakeholders in the project need to decide the specifications of all deliverables in the project and make sure that standards are met. When the client is confident of the quality of his team’s work, he is able to perform his duties better and contractors have a relatively lower number of problems with payments and external interference during work.

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