Promoting mental wellbeing

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Promoting mental wellbeing amongst older adults. Write a 1000 word paper answering; Below one can see a health strategy to promote mental wellbeing among older adults of a country. Strategy to Promote Mental Well being of Older Adults First and foremost , there should be provision in the health and social welfare policy to allot more funding and financial services to health centers which exclusively for older adults with mental illness. The government should increase the awareness among public regarding the mental well being of an older adult, so that they become alert and conscious regarding their food habits, exercise and lifestyle. Mental ill health could be due to a disability or serious physical illness, so the older citizens should be educated more about various diseases. The informal carers should be encourages and supported in the right manner, so that they feel motivated to take care of the older diseases citizen of the society. “Informal support groups are not provided by law but are volunteers ‘who offer to do something without charging a fee” (Fischer, 2003,pg.13).Same should be done to formal carers as well as they are the part of social support group. The poor and secluded old people should be given social benefits like, income support and other medical benefits so that they do not feel dejected and ignored. This can fill a great gap in their life from being helpless and destitute. The older citizen should be alerted about the bad consequences of drugs, alcohol and other addictive substances to avoid misuse of them .Drug, alcohol abuse are due to the stress factor and they should be warned against this action. – As per, (SHFWP,2009) “Homelessness, refugee status, discrimination, having a physical disability all increase the risk, as do family factors (e.g. partner violence), drug and alcohol problems and lack of social support from others”. The non –profit organization which work for the welfare of the mental health of older adults should be given monetary benefits to encourage them in introducing programs which can aid old people with mental disease to improve their health. A strong strategic and leadership role should be undertaken by local government, working in partnership with other agencies, particularly the health centers, to ensure a wide range of effective programs to meet the needs of mentally ill old people. According to (Barnes2010)“Encouraging the development of new service models and utilizing new the opportunities afforded by emerging technologies to deliver the best outcomes for adult social care”. This will help in giving better and quality medical services to old aged who is mentally ill. Critical Evaluation of Contribution of Social Policy Mainly most of the developed countries have a well defined Social and health polices but when it comes to the implementation, it is not up to the mark. They put forward various programs and strategies to maintain and upgrade the mental and physical health of the older citizen, but when it comes to practice less is done. (Hasenfield,1991,pg.451-479) writes that “It is argued that policy output is determined by the organizational systems which develop as a result of technological specifications, economic considerations, and power relations”. So the government should create plans and policies according to the technology, economic condition and financial budget of the country.

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