PROMPT: Problems Children Face

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PROMPT: Problems Children Face: CHOOSE ONE from six (6) problems children experience daily.   1.  Video Game Addiction2. Exposure to Violence at Home3.  Children and Substance Abuse4.  Cyberbullying (Online Bullying)5.  Children Watching Porn6.   Children and Eating Disorders Describe the problem How common is this problem? Who is affected by the problem? What theories explain this problem? Has the problem changed over the last decade? How credible is the research you found related to this problem? Is there generally a consensus about the key aspects of the problems, or is there a lot of controversy? INSTRUCTIONS: APA FORMAT 6th edition Title page, Essay, and Reference page2 pages filled (1000 words) not including title page, essay, and reference page TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 FONTDOUBLE SPACEDSUMMARIZE IN OWN WORDS/JUST TWO (2) IN TEXT CITATIONS NO GRAMMAR ISSUES/NO ERRORS3-4 CREDIBLE SCHOLARLY SOURCES REFERENCES/published, peer-reviewed sources required*****The paper addresses the issues specified by the assignment.*****The paper exhibits a defined and clear understanding of the assignment. Provides a detailed description of one (1) of the problems children experience daily. *****Paper provides professional and comprehensive coverage of the topic in a clear and succinct fashion, assertions are clearly supported by evidence; Assignment meets required length.*****Paper Demonstrates proficient command of the subject matter and shows an impressive level of depth of student’s ability to relate course content to practical examples and applications. *****Paper provides well-supported ideas and reflection with a variety of current and/or worldviews and presents a genuine intellectual development of ideas throughout assignment.*****No spelling, grammar, punctuation or other writing structural errors. Written work is clearly presented and structure. Guidelines for paper are met or exceeded. Transitions are logical and appropriate.

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