Prostitutes and petty offenders

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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Sum up the key points of these 4 reading as a presentation draft.Examples of clients were prostitutes and petty offenders but the CLHs were distinct from facilities for convicts. Social investigation that developed in early 1980s and involved enlightenment and perspectives facilitated development of the history of CLHs. The facilities were further filthy despite their environment that upheld cleanliness. The outcasts could be identified from their moral and physical orientations and even though they resented civilization to represent a more ancient generation, they depicted aspects of civilization. Investigations could therefore classify them as both outcasts and members of the society. The lodgings were further classified as heterotopias and membership was controlled by set of rules. Heterotopy was evident from existence of ignorance and intelligence, idleness and industry, animosity and affection, decadence and Godliness, and bodily indifference and affirmation. By laws initially governed the CLHs but acts such as the Town Improvement Clause act, Common Lodging Houses Act, and the Public Health Act were later enacted to govern the Common Lodging Houses. Despite existence of the regulations that were initially associated with success, there were rebellion and negligence in enforcing the regulations as data shows number of punished cases for breach of the regulations. Negligence among enforcement officers was also common and some offenders were caught and charged. In response to the negligence, authorities preferred dialogue instead of the legal process, an approach that could have further facilitated breach of the established status. Authorities however undertook frequent checks for promoting adherence to existing rules but diversity among the lodgers and their desired freedom limited governance initiatives such as transformation of the scope of the CLHs (Crook 2008, p. 414- 436).The study explores the scope and role of public baths in Victoria and associates the bath with power, freedom, and

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