Protecting National Infrastructure

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Protecting National Infrastructure. The article by the Department of Homeland Security talks about how cyber attacks can be prevented and defended. The Department of Homeland Security (2010) also argues that the new and evolving threats that need close attention are cybersecurity, prevention of cybercrime, and the protection of the critical infrastructure. The article provides information on how through international cooperation there have been efforts to foster the establishment of the national and international watch and warning networks in order to detect and prevent cyber attacks as they emerge. Information on public awareness of cybersecurity is also found in the article.

Besides, there is also information on the need for coordination and cooperation between the government and the private sector to ensure cybersecurity. The article by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (2014), provides a framework for enhancing critical infrastructure cybersecurity. Since the United StatesÂ’ cyberspace is connected to the rest of the world, attacks can cross the border at lightning speed. The article also provides information on the significance of critical infrastructure to the national and economic security of the nation. Moreover, there is information on how internet traffic can be monitored and malicious intrusions to the critical infrastructure systems detected.

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