Providing Guidance

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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Providing Guidance.A third day could have the parents come to school and talk about family heritages. A fourth day could be when families have a special talent day. A fifth day could be a day where parents and children talk and show what their favorite thing is or are. On the day of the family favorites day they can discuss favorite foods or even favorite hobbies or whatever they want to for the class. On the day they discuss family culture or histories they can discuss what nationalities they happen to be.Through all of these parent days children can learn that mom and dad are more than just their parents. They can learn more about the community and how things work. I was a part of a family culture day and the parents and the children really seemed to like it especially when some of the families had food.A culturally diverse preschool classroom should always work with the parents about particular food needs, cultural needs, or if there are any other kind of family rituals or traditions that need to be followed. Teachers can have parent conferences to discuss what they have to do to make preschool an enjoyable time for both the parents and the children. If you would happen to have a Jewish child in your classroom you may have to understand how some of them eat different kinds of foods and there maybe some Hindu children who wear special clothing to school at certain times. You as a teacher should also know that certain rituals like handshaking are forbidden. They should also ask the parents if there are any special holidays that their children will not be in school due to religious reasons and various rituals will be followed. You as a preschool teacher may also see children who may have same sex parents.When dealing with family involvement and/or cultural diversity preschool teachers should have regular parent conferences to keep a check on school and family matters that could affect school happenings. Preschool teachers and parents should

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