Psychological measure

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Compose a 1250 words essay on Psychological Measure Paper. This measurement is renowned to be great in terms of validity and reliability in which a multitude of varying procedures and excellent psychometric features can be utilised. This paper will examine the CDI by analysing literatures that puts into use the said instrument and discuss its implications in terms of its usage, context, interpretation, and ethical considerations.A study conducted by Rivera, Bernal, and Rossello (2005) emphasizes on a quasi-experimental research that assess the effectiveness of both the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and The Children Depression Inventory (CDI) to indicate the levels of Major Depressive Disorder or MDD to their Puerto Rican adolescent respondents. Accordingly, the study garnered a total of 130 participants with age range from 13 to 18 years old. The instrument was translated into Spanish and each item in the instrument is rated based on the presence of the symptoms with zero as having the symptom absent, one with the average symptom, and two with the severe symptom. Moreover, the diagnosis was administered by future PhDs in clinical psychology by using the DSM-IV to check for any symptoms present from the participants. Subsequently, data analysis was conducted after MDD identification and data are categorized as either ‘true positives’, ‘true negatives’, ‘false positives’, and ‘false negatives’. After that, information scores based on specificity, sensitivity, positive and negative predictive power are determined. From this point, test efficiency indicators for CDI are measured depending on a certain cut-off markThe results of the study implicated that for a respondent to be identified with MDD, the CDI value should be at least 20, 0.43 specificity, 0.64 positive predictive rate, sensibility ratio of 0.69, and 0.49 negative predictive value. Also, the study concluded that both the CDI

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