Psychological Science

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Name:Written responses should be at least 1 full page, single-spaced, with care being taken to address all parts of questions.  Write your responses directly into this document, save, and submit via Blackboard by the deadline.Read Chapter 4Read Iyengar, S. S., Wells, R. E., & Schwartz, B.  (2006). Doing better but feeling worse: Looking for the “best” job undermines satisfaction. Psychological Science, 17(2), 143-150In your paper, address the following questions based on your reading:1. In your own words, what are the researchers expecting to find about maximizers and satisficers in this study?   Did they find support for their hypotheses? 2. How would you assess this study, as far as external validity? 3. At this point you know whether you’re a maximizer or satisficer.  Do you think that your experience in being either matches up with how you approach decisions, according to the described research?  Do you think that someone who has this personality trait tends to act like this across all areas of his or her life, or can they maximize in some ways, and satisfy in others?4. Based on this research, would you encourage someone to think more like a maximizer or satisficerin his or her job search?5. How do consensus, consistency and distinctiveness help us decide the causes of someone’s actions?6. Why does priming work?7. What is framing and does it differ from contrast? How does contrast make a poor choice seem better?8. What is the representativeness heuristic?9. What is the availability heuristic and how does it relate to priming?10. How are halo effects and false consensus examples of “Attitude heuristics”?11. What is the Fundamental Attribution Error? What effect do you have to add to get the actor-observer bias?12. What is the Self-Serving Bias?

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