Psychological Science

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For this assignment, you will be selecting one of the following three papers from the journal “Psychological Science”:”Looking Forward to Looking Backward: The Misprediction of Regret”  (“Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation on Social Media: Experimental Evidence for a Scalable Accuracy-Nudge Intervention””Facebook Profiles Reflect Actual Personality, Not Self-Idealization”For the paper you choose, I would like you to concretely identify the following:IF THE PAPER HAS MORE THAN ONE STUDY, YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE FIRST STUDYRationale – what motivated this paper? Why do the authors think this is an important question to study, and why do they think they will see a specific pattern of results? (5 points)Hypothesis – what are the researchers hypothesizing? What pattern of results are they predicting they will find? Note that they may not specifically say “We hypothesize that…”, so to identify the hypothesis you’ll have to think about the argument they are building and predictions that follow. (5 points) Method – how are the researchers testing their hypothesis? Who is the population? If it is an experiment, what is the independent variable, and what is the dependent variable? If it is a correlation, what is the predictor variable(s) and what is/are the outcome variable(s)? (5 points) Results – what did the researchers find? (5 points)What did you like best about the study design? (1 point)What did you like least about the study design? (1 point)Given the results of this study, what would be an interesting direction for future research? (3 points)I WILL GIVE MY LOGIN INFO TO ACCESS THE ARTICLES!!

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