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Public relations thrives on public opinion

Write 10 pages with APA style on Public relations thrives on public opinion. Soon after, a large number of companies and organizations started employing publicity tactics to attract large audiences.The Excellence Project Vercic, L.A. Grunig (1996) states that nine generic principles govern the basis of setting up global public relations. Edward Louise Barneys is considered an America pioneer in the development of techniques relating to public relations and propaganda. Edward Barneys is considered as the ‘father of public relations’. Edward Barneys developed many influential PR techniques including press release and third party advocacy. Barneys helped remove the taboos surrounding the idea of women smoking in public, thorough his famous campaign of 1920 known as the Women’s Smoking Campaign. Barneys educated the industries regarding the importance of news and stated that it was the most effective method of conveying message to the public. Edward Barneys summarized the importance of PR techniques in his famous quotation given below:This quotation fully explains the importance of public relations and public opinions in setting up a democratic system. In modern world, setting up a democratic system encompasses various aspects. One of the major aspects in establishing democracy is public relations. The research following the development of Excellence theory shows that public relations serve as a pivotal condition for the establishment of a liberal democracy. During the 20th century, public relations gained the status of becoming a powerful and influential industry, not only in the United States of America but across the whole world. In modern society, public relation operations are not just limited to the in-house activity of public corporations and public institutions, but are also being increasingly established as independent consultation firms.

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