Puplic transport in Oslo city (norway) and western australia

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Compare between the puplic transport in Oslo city (norway) and western australia.The city of Perth basically runs the CAT buses around the city to provide a free service to visitors and also to reduce the regular traffic. (Public Transport, Perth).Trains: the train service in Perth also very much advanced and well controlled. A traveler need to have a SmartRider to have an access in the FTZ using any of the train services,but, it is free of charge if someone having a journey within the FTZ boundaries. The tickets for the trains can be purchased from the machines at the stations or one can validate the SmatRider Ticket before entering the train.The public transport cost is very high in Perth for the best quality. Most of the revenue in the transport department comes from the individualized marketing program. However, the fare box revenue from these marketing programs is not enough. The private bus operators require approximately sixty two percent of additional fare. (McClintock 287)The Oslo Public transit system is basically comprised of buses, trams, ferries, local and intercity trains and also an extensive metro system called T-bane. A single ticket allows the traveler to use the full transit system for one hour.This is a very convenient way to roam the city around the city in summer. By this route a traveler can take a trip to the several Islands. Most of the boats depart from the piers outside the Oslo City Hals. (Henrik “Orientation and Sighseeing” page number has been omitted in the source)For this specific study it has been seen that for both the cities the public transport system is very much advances and run with a very well designed structure. However, the free ride is pretty expensive for the transport department and that part should be taken care of to make it a profitable

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