Push and pull factors in Syrian migration

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 750 words essay on Push and pull factors in Syrian migration. Thus, the key factor that pushes Syrian citizens to migrate is a war which brings “daily violence and a dramatic deterioration in living standards” (Wolfe, 2014). “The wars raging in Syria and Iraq are clearly big drivers of migration” (Peter, 2015). For example, one Syrian citizen speaks on a subject in next terms, “We no longer have any hope in Syria, and there is nothing here except fear and death” (Hashash, 2015). The economic and infrastructure of most of the Syrian cities are ruined by the war. “In terms of infrastructure, major parts of Syria have effectively been bombed back to Ottoman times,” says Ammar Abdul-Hamid, a Syrian activist (FoxNews, 2012). Therefore, there are no jobs, no appropriate health care, and generally, no good living conditions. Most of the citizens are left without even basic human rights (Wolfe, 2014). Being brutal to each other, opponents continue to keep the field on territories which once were private and public domains, homes and schools. “A Syrian army officer moved into my house… He likes my home, apparently”, says Khaled, a refrugee from Syria, ironically (Rollins, 2014). At least half a million homes have been destroyed in Syrian conflict already by 2013. According to estate expert Ammar Youssef’s study, it means that “about 700,000 families, or nearly 2.8 million people”, literally have no place to return (Haydar, 2013). Thus, Syrians are forced to seek for a shelter, for a better life.For the past three years of brutal conflict, about “9.6 million people have fled their homes for safety” (IRC, 2014). According to UNHCR, “approximately 7.2 million people have been forced to flee their homes within Syria, and 3.3 million have become refugees abroad” (Wolfe, 2014). In comparison to around 22 million population of Syria in prewar times, it’s about 50% of general population of the country. The situation is already called “the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era” (Wolfe,

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