Quadratic Inequalities

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Attachment 1Attachment 2Attachment 3Attachment 4Lesson 7.5: Quadratic Inequalities in Two Variables NAME: Lesson 7.5: Quadratic Inequalities in Two Variables E Explore Your Understanding Assignment This assignment includes multiple choice and short answer questions. For multiple choice questions,select the best answer. Each is worth 1 mark. Marks assigned to short answer questions are Indicated foreach question. Be sure to show all necessary work. y2%(x—4)2+l . /l 1. The solution region of the inequality 1ncludes the points A. (—1, 1), (4, 0), and (7, —1)B. (1, 3), (4, 1), and (8, 2)C. (4,2),(7,4),and(8,8)D. (41, 2), (o, 9), and (9, 1) /1 2. The points (3, 8), and (6, 8) are part of the solution region of a quadratic inequality, while(5, 9), and (7, 7) are not. The point that must also be part of the solution region is A. (4,7)B. (4,9)C. (8,6)D. (6,10) /l 3. The wording that implies a strict inequality is A The diameter can be a maximum of… B. Acceptable values cannot exceed…C. The pro?t was at least…D. The ball was below… /1 4. Consider the inequality y > a(x—h)2 , where a, h > O . No new solutions will be added to thesolution region when A. ais increasedB. a is decreasedC. his increasedD. his decreased ADLC Mathematics 20-1

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