Quantitative Article Critique

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Quantitative Article Critique. Paper must be at least 1500 words. This is because conflicts arise depending on variables. Therefore, one can say that although the topic has clarity in stating the possible objectives of the study, it leaves curiosity among readers regarding the variables the study employs. The reason why this is a setback for the article is that a quantitative research must have variables.This is where the reader is to get a brief summary of the study. The abstract of this study is quite clear. It gives a brief summary and objectives of the study question. Further, it gives a summary of the methods used in the study and outlines the procedure in brief. It goes on to give conclusion of the study and summarizes the study results succinctly. It also gives the relevance of the study in real occupational therapy situation. However, the abstract does not give any limitations of the study, since it is rare to come across a study/research that lacks limitations. With this, the reader is likely to come across new information and personal conclusion after reading the article. The article could have at least included the limitations of the study in the abstract section.The introduction starts by giving a brief background about the field of study. It provides various situational analyses revolving around the study question, which is about conflicts among students in the field of occupational therapy. Further, it clarifies contextual and situational settings of the subjects, and ends up giving the study thesis introducing methodology and theoretical framework that the study applies. With this, the introduction is quite clear.This is where the author gives a clear understanding of the topic of research. First, the article starts by explaining reasons for the study necessity. This is in the introduction section. Further, it gives the central aim of the study and explains its unique literature by using APA citations to give their sources. The reader finds the research

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