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Argumentative essay on Question-Answers. Needs to be 2 pages. Studies show that most of the personality test subjects usually answer the questions based on what they believe or have heard is the right answer. They do not answer the questions honestly. This may make employers to select wrong people for the job. In addition, some people’s personalities are usually affected by their backgrounds. This may lead to discrimination issues during the hiring process.People always create ideas about a person during interviews. However, impressions are not always accurate. This is because an accurate impression always depends on the time spent with the person. Spending more time with a person enables one to know them better. This helps in creating accurate impressions. The time spent with a person during an interview is usually too minimal for one to create an accurate impression (Carney, Colvin & Hall, 2007). In addition, impression may be affected by subjective views.Some people find it difficult to identify the end of adolescent and the beginning of adulthood because rites of passage are not practiced in America. Apart from changes in demographic features such as being 18 years old, having children, and getting married, the end of adolescents can be detected using various psychological features. For instance, one knows the end of adolescent period by assessing self-confidence (Roberts & Mroczeck, 2008). At the beggining of adulthood, many people usually experience a boost in self-confidence. Adolescents face self-confidence issues because they still struggle with self-identity. In addition, the level of self-control may indicate the beginning of adulthood. Adults usually have higher level of self-control compared to adolescents. This is because they can make decisions independently without being influenced by peers. In addition, higher level of emotional stability indicates the beginning of adulthood.Physical appearances cannot be used tell a person’s transition to adulthood. However, some physiological changes

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