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Reading Material attachedPART AAnswer the following questions about classification with complete sentences. 1. What do the following stand for:a. BISb. CFRc. DOCd. USCe. FMCf. CBPg. EARh. ITARi. AESj. CCL2. What possible penalty will you have for regulation violations?3. Which parts of the CFR relate to this class?4. Which department controls the ITAR?5. Which agency is primarily focused on trade statistics?6. What is the title of 15 CFR 740? (note – the 15 is a chapter within the CFR – you may need to go into the website and look for it.)7. What are the 12 red flags you should be aware of found in 15 CFR 732 supplement 3 – know your customer. PART BYou can go directly to the HTS: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and/or use the search function in the Schedule B. You may need to do both.1. In the General Notes section, pg 6, the codes for special tariff treatment are listed. What are they? (In this case, you are allowed to cut and paste) Note: GSP countries can be found on page 11.2. Which countries are found in column 2? (also found on page 6)3. What Chapter, Heading and Subheading is Paprika?4. What unit of measure do they use for Paprika?5. What would the tariff be for 1000kg of paprika froma. Spainb. Cubac. Kenya6. What is the HTS number for Insulin?

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