Race relations act

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 14 page essay on Race Relations Act 1976 And The Actions That Athea And The Commission For Racial Equality Could Take In Respect Of Them.In the U.K. the Government has recognized the importance of preserving equality and civil liberties in the interest of overall progress in the State. The Race Relations Act framed in 1976 specifically deals with discrimination on the grounds of race in the fields of employment, training education, housing and other services deemed necessary to ensure that the civil liberties of an individual are not hampered*3. This act was further amended in 2000 to incorporate discrimination from all public bodies. Chapter 74, Section 1 of the Race relations Act sets out the grounds that will constitute a violation of the provisions of the Act by any person when “on racial grounds, he treats that other less favorably than he treats or would treat other persons” especially when “he cannot show [it] to be justifiable, irrespective of the color, race, nationality or ethnic or national origins of the person to whom it is applied.” Part II of the Act deals specifically with discrimination exercised by employers and under Section 4, an employer’s action would also be deemed to be unlawful under the provisions of this act if he discriminates against an employee or potential employee by “refusing or deliberately omitting to offer him that employment.”

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