Racial Superiority

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 2 page essay on ANALYSIS PAPERS.The moral ground on which the imperialists base their stand is founded on the unequivocal assumption of U.S. racial superiority. The Filipinos are considered to be “a race which civilization demands shall be improved” (Beveridge, Paragraph 6). It is therefore the moral duty of America to “uplift and civilize and Christianize them” (McKinley). This so-called moral duty, connoted to be “the White Man’s Burden” by Kipling, does not stand scrutiny, especially in the light of the letters from the soldiers fighting in the Philippines, which confirm U.S. atrocities, such as arbitrary executions, torture, a scorched earth campaign and the establishment of concentration camps. As James L. Blair rightly asserts, the moral responsibility cited by the imperialists is based on the “very tenuous assumption” (P. 12) that U.S. withdrawal would inevitably lead to anarchy. The anti-imperialists’ stand that moral duty requires the U.S. to free the Filipinos is more convincing than the imperialist’s mantel of racial superiority.Legally, the imperialists justify their stand on the presumption that the Filipinos “are not capable of self-government” (Beveridge, P. 16). Lack of experience in government, Spanish misrule and, yet again, the assumed inferiority of Orientals, are cited as reasons for circumventing the “consent of the governed,” which the American Declaration of Independence holds to be mandatory. According to the imperialists, as the Filipinos are too uncivilized to understand the concept of government, their consent is not legally required. The anti-imperialists question the constitutional right of the U.S. to forcibly annex any territory and caution that the constitutional guarantee of citizenship and the vote will lead to future legal complexities. Soldiers Davis and Fetterly reiterate the Filipinos right to independence, and the

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