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Reality television

Introduction: Examining reality television is a fascinating dream chance for regular people to win a million dollars from singing or people winning a dance trophy. The darker side to reality isn’t all about money and success. Often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for our amusement? Do we have division between young adults and parents? or does Reality television bring families together in living rooms across the world.

Thesis: Examining reality television is important to me because throughout the world it brings people together, splits people apart, and still continues to grow in popularity.

Body:Throughout the world, especially in modern American culture. Reality television has an Impact on American Society, and creates a fun family environment. Reality television shows such as American idol, The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars have emerged as the fastest growing television shows in the United states. All over the world, people have developed some interest in the reality TV. Reality Television gives us an escape into normal people’s lives with written and added drama. These Melodramatic T.V. shows put smiles on our face and sometimes keep us on the edge of our seat. Reality T.V. can also create division, from shows like The Kardashians, Real Housewives, Favor Flave and Jersey Shore. These shows sometimes create dangerous stereotypes for the worlds youth. It’s evident that reality television is always growing in popularity but not always in the best ways. On these shows you’ll see scenes of verbal and physical altercations. Kids in modern America are shown that partying, alcohol, and drug use is acceptable on these shows. The language on these shows is very explicit. Therefore, these shows can create division between teens and parents across the land.Regardless if you watch reality television or not, one thing is fact. The popularity is growing by millions of viewers each year. Writers and directors of these shows are getting more creative with the making of these shows. It started with shows like survivor, which was a show about regular people trying to survive harsh land conditions. The type of shows we have now are Naked and Afraid which is similar to survivor but the contestants are naked while trying to survive. Every year we see small changes in the style of shows to create more drama and harsh conditions. This keeps the audience more invested.

Conclusion: Do you fall under the category of millions around the world who watch reality television? You should ask yourself what category do you fall under. Would you consider reality television a global force for good and entertainment? Would you say its creating changes in millennials, or creating a division between older generations and newer generations? We have no real answer other than the popularity is skyrocketing year over year. Shows are rapidly changing in entertainment for the audience. We will know more with time.

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