Rational emotive behavioral therapy

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on special emphasis: rational emotive behavioral therapy Paper must be at least 3000 words. Norms of human behavior have been generalized on the basis of religion, economy, familial and cultural affiliations and what human intelligence and learning have generally accepted as being appropriate and correct. Any aberration in human behavior that goes against these set patterns is considered as abnormal behavior.In most parts of the world and in the historical perspective too, the male of the species is considered as the head of the family and provider of resources essential for sustaining life. The female is considered as the home runner and mother, more confined to domestic chores. Children are typified by obedient youngsters who learn the intricacies of life, guided by their parents and teachers, to become responsible adults and assume the typical roles of the male and the female once again. This pattern is generalized and common to most of the great human civilizations, irrespective of cultural influences. Great technological advances and defining of human populations into cultural, social and national identities have further complicated the human psyche. During the historical path of progress, generalizations and beliefs have been shattered by individuals who have brought forth new ideas and innovations into the realm to enhance human living. Man has now progressed from a mere animal to the modern intelligent individual who exercises great control over life.A human being believed to be the most intelligent animal on this planet has himself become the victim of this high intelligence. Over rationalization, the emotional strain of interpersonal relationships, preoccupation in achieving certain standards and ambitions, the continuous dictation of life by technology as well as economic forces, setbacks in life, etc. have brought forth a plethora of psychological problems which are affecting lives in a big way, sometimes leading to destruction and are thus the subject of the intense need for correction by psychotherapy.

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