Real life experiences of women

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Write a 23 page essay on Real life experiences of women aged 18-30 years old who are parenting alone.The paper tells that being a parent is the most wonderful gift in life but at the same time it is a tough job. A healthy relationship between a child and its parents is very important. Parenting requires understanding your responsibility towards maintaining a strong emotional bond, open communication and respect for one another. Relationships where there is no respect tend to tatter with time as love can’t exist in such an environment. Children can’t love a parent they don’t respect. It is necessary to ensure that parents involve their young ones in decision-making and respect their choices. Doing so will make the task easier for parents to become their child’s best friends. Parents who make their presence available to their children while they are growing up and stay connected with them throughout their growing years, are the ones who succeed in building a positive relationship. A positive parent-child relationship provides the child emotional security and social skills that assists in playing the role of an active member of the society. Secure attachments during infancy and active encouragement and calm-limit setting during growing years generates a healthy relationship between parents and children. On the other hand, harsh parental behaviour or attitude towards young ones promotes antisocial behaviour and aggression in children. Ross Campbell believes that most problems occur because of a child’s repressed anger, or because the parents aren’t succeeding in expressing their love for their children in ways that the children understand.

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