Realism and Modernism Authors

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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Realism and Modernism Authors.The essay “Realism and Modernism Authors” analyzes literature and writes of realism and modernism. By analyzing a work of literature, one retrospectively looks into the mind of the writer, shares his feelings, and understands how the environment in which he lives affects his experiences. From the poems of Theodore Roethke and Elizabeth Bishop, it is clear that the two authors used different stylistic devices and effectively embraced literary freedoms to set the reader in situations of both confusion and enlightenment. Imagery that is sometimes either ambiguous or informative dominates the poems written by the two poets. My Papa’s Waltz is an intriguing but ambiguous poem that can read both, as a narration of a terrorized child’s the story and as the story of a child who enjoys having a playful romp with his dad just before bedtime. The two different points of view of the poem is a result of its the first stanza, the poet expresses his closeness with the father while in the second stanza he uses a tone of remorse in describing his relationship with the daddy. Ambiguity essentially allows the reader to have an in-depth analysis of the poem to ensure that the standpoint he takes provides the most realistic perception. The meaning of the poem, My Papa’s Waltz depends on the reader’s interpretation of the relationship between the narrator and the father. In essence, the poem has both a superficial and deeper meaning thus providing the reader with a privilege of making a self-assessment of the reading.

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