Reasearch Diffusion

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Reasearch. Diffusion can lead to changes in cultural practices, which will eventually influence spatial distribution.Cultural is the accepted way of life within a particular group of people. It includes food, clothing, practices and beliefs. Currently, the world is full of many different cultures. However, the dominant cultures trace their origins in cultural hearths. Seven locations have been identified as the point of origin for the dominant cultures in the world (Blij et al, 2011). These locations include the Nile River Valley, Indus River valley, Wei-Huang Valley, Ganges River Valley, Andean, Mesopotamia, and West Africa.It is the cradle of Chinese civilization. The valley is where the earliest Chinese irrigation works started. The capital of Chinese major dynasties like Qin, Zhou, Tang and Han were found along this valley. Trade in the valley began in the form of barter trade, which eventually developed as innovation gained ground. It is believed that the Wei River is the ancient Jiang River, which is associated with the early development of agriculture (Pitzl, 2004).The Nile is a critical component of both ancient and modern Egypt. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. it flows from the mountains to the Mediterranean. The river has been responsible for supporting many lives for thousands of years. It has shaped many cultures in the region. The earliest forms of civilization in Egypt are associated with the Nile. The river made agriculture possible, which is the reason ancient Egypt was able to make strides in civilization. The Nile River valley is where the Egyptian culture flourished.It is responsible for the development of Kingdoms of West Africa. Agricultural breakthroughs were made by these kingdoms. The development in this area was influenced by the breakthroughs experienced by the people Southeast Asia and the Nile valley.

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