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Reasons for the Increasing Divorce Rates

Submit a 750 words paper on the topic Reasons for the Increasing Divorce Rates in America. This paper briefly analyses various reasons for the increased divorce rates in America. Money is believed to be one of the major reasons for causing divorce. Couples may have different views, opinions, and perceptions about the spending of money. Suppose Mr. X has lavish spending habits. He may not worry much about saving money for the future needs of the family. He may spend whatever he earns and may not bother much about saving something for future expenses like the education of his children. On the other hand, Mrs. X could be more interested in saving money for the future by reducing the unnecessary expenditure since she was more aware of future needs. It is quite possible that conflicts develop in such families and these contrasting views about money spending may finally lead them towards a divorce. Alcohol addiction or drug addiction is another major reason for divorce. As stated in the earlier example, suppose Mr. X is addicted to alcohol or drugs. It is difficult for Mrs. X to adjust with such habits of her husband, even if she is more liberal and modern in her thoughts. Addiction can lead Mr. X towards a crazy life and sometimes he may abuse his wife or children. It is difficult for a modern woman to sacrifice her entire life for an addicted husband. Mrs. X may wait for some time, in anticipation that her husband may rectify his mistake sooner than later. however, if Mr. X has no plans to get rid of his bad habits, Mrs. X may file the divorce petition. The third possible reasons for divorce could be sexual problems. Either the husband or the wife may have more interests in sexual activities. Sex is a divine activity which should be performed on mutual consent. Sometimes the husband or the wife may have over interests in sexual activities and he/she may force his/her partner for sexual activities without considering the interests of the partner. In some cases, either of them may force the partner to engage in unnatural sexual activities which may develop displeasure and thoughts about divorce. Extramarital affairs could be another possible reason for divorce. The strength of family life lies in mutual love and trust.

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