Reasons for wanting to be a nurse

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on Reasons for wanting to be a nurse. Paper must be at least 500 words. destiny was already at hand, I found myself right in the midst of sorrowful tears that needed more than the usual shoulders to lean on, partaking almost fully in the pain of a people I barely knew before, but with very-very little to offer to relieve the amount of suffering that was no doubt, overwhelming. That though I had my hands tied with limited knowledge, the very few hours in the company of Kendy and colleagues providing the most sensitive, comprehensive care to the victims of the fateful accident was but the most inspiring moments of my life, for nothing can be more satisfying than the long term patient gratitude, let alone the immediate literal pulling of a person from the jaws of death.Though a scientific discipline with many underlying recovery mechanics involving the same, nursing borrows much from a host of fields, with philosophy in particular being fundamental in creating the right atmosphere and environment conducive for regaining that needed balance for a fight back. the balance between the mind, body, and soul of a patient. Am proud to have done it during my short stint in charge, and harbors even a higher drive to liven up people’s lives in their hours of need. More importantly, it is all about managing the highly stressful situations, juggling through multiple demands and/or challenges to connect and establish relationships that work to promote health and healing of a patient.The incident together with a lot more experiences growing up have more than given me a new meaning of life, in effect, defining my career path, and more than any other time in the past, I know for sure that nursing is the right profession for me. The foregoing forms the basis for my application for the accelerated program at Wagner College School of Nursing. That part from sharing many of the same principles of service that inculcates an all-round approach in service delivery in challenging situations, this program not only offers that needed early exposure to

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