Reconstruct Socrates’ argument

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Reconstruct Socrates’ argument at Gorgias, 474b-475e that concludes, “therefore, no one would take doing what is unjust over suffering it.”Something is admirable if and only if it is good (beneficial) or brings pleasure.Therefore, to find something admirable you must first find something of pleasure. _______________________________________________________________.Therefore, if one of two shameful things is more shameful than the other, it will be so because it surpasses the other either in pain or evil (harm) or in both.._______________________________________________________________.Therefore, if doing what is unjust is more shameful than suffering it, then the former surpasses the latter either in pain or evil (harm) or in both.___________________________________________________________________.Therefore, doing what is unjust does not surpass suffering what is unjust in both.Therefore, __________________________________________________________.___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________.Therefore, no one would take doing what is unjust over suffering it.

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