Reemergence of conservative movements

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What do you think were the causes for the reemergence of conservative movements from the 1920s to the Reagan Era In proving your argument, use examples from the Primary Source readings from your textbook (Primary Source readings 1-75) to explain and. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This was spearheaded by massive population increase. At this time, there were more incidences of crime and corruption which were very common and acceptable in the societies. The spread of the liberal’s dawn to the south begun to influence community views of agendas like sex, alcohol use, drugs and homosexuality (Ordover 10). In addition to this, there was view being suggested that women and the minority groups were equality entitled to equality, a move that attracted more attention from people in the urban areas primarily the educated (Ordover 10).The pro-business attitude of President William Howard Taft was one of the key reasons for the reemergence of the conservative movements in America (Sparknotes 2). This is because the president failure saw a real conservative Theodore Roosevelt clinch back power to be president for the second time in 1912 (Sparknotes 2). Roosevelt main agenda was to maintain the fact that properties shall be the servant and not the master of the common wealth (Sparknotes 2). With this he was criticizing the commonwealth who were insisting that whatever man makes must be servant and man the master. Roosevelt was categorically clear on the law and he never allowed irresponsibility of officers in charge of properties (Sparknotes 2).The other cause of reemergence of conservatism was irresponsible character of people who were over consuming alcohol (Sparknotes 4). The main reforms came forth and it was ratified in the 1919 eighteenth amendment to the constitution which immediately outlawed the sale, manufacture and consumption of alcohol by American citizens (Sparknotes 4). Although it was difficult to control this law, for fourteen years people were drinking underground with which it was amended again in 1933 (Sparknotes 4).Massive rates of immigrant influx into the United States of America were another core reason for the reemergence of conservative movement in America. In

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