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Reflecting on critique

Write a 2 page essay on Reflecting on critique.It has been argued that it is characterized by the possibilities of machines.Eiffel tower design is very interesting because “many modernist movements were interested in producing art and architecture that draws attention to the process of construction involved in making the objects and arts.” 1 This can be seen clearly from the Eiffel tower, even though it is an old building the architects behind the design of the building wanted to appeal people by having a unique design that captures the human attention.Lyotard’s argues that there is a conflation of art and philosophy. This is because before designing an object an architect must first of all visualize what he or she wants to design. Post modernism brings about the effects that come about because of having a central focus being attraction rather than building a strong building that can withstand the test of time.2Although there has been allegation that postmodernism is not well understood today because it there has been conflicting reports on which areas it covers, which can be found in “all the arts, poetry of John Ashberry for instance as all the arts” 3One of the most important features of postmodernism is pastiche. Pastiche involves imitation of other forms of art. How ve, imitation of other forms of art is wrong because we will continue producing the same styles each year. In addition, it also limits creativity. Therefore, most architects have been discouraged from copying other people’s work.However, the relationship between design and philosophy comes out clearly in Eiffel towers. The architects who designed Eiffel towers tried to incorporate philosophy in designing a building. This is evident from the number of tourists who visit France in order to see Eiffel

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