Reflecting on the qualityof their thinking

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1.)From the freshman to the senior year of college, most studentsa.become better at reflecting on the qualityof their thinking.b.are exposed to so many new ideas it leads to moral confusion.c.experience a significant identity crisis.d.become experts in their field of study.2.)Max enjoys working with ideas; Madison is emotional and has a high need for individual expression. According to Holland’s six personality types, Max is _______and Madison is _______.a. investigative; artisticb. realistic; conventionalc. enterprising; effusived. conventional; social3.) Young people’s vocational aspirations correlate strongly with their…a. parents’ jobsb. childhood dreamsc. ethnic identityd. friends’ aspirations4.)Dr.Tevye recognizes that cultural change has prolonged the transition to adult roles for many young people. However, he does not agree that this change merits the creation of a new developmental period. Which of the following statements is Dr. Tevye the most likely to agree with?a. Emerging adulthood is a concept that accurately describes the experience of most of the world’s young people.b. Approximately 86 percent of the world’s young people experience an emerging adulthood phase.c. Transitions occur during all periods of the lifespan, with societal conditions heavily influencing their length and complexity.d. Emerging adulthood is an experience that is spreading rapidly in developing mations that are involved with the global economy.5.) Same-sex civil unions are_______heterosexual marriages.a. as stable asb. less likely to dissolve thanc. more likely to dissolve thand. not as committed as6.) Which of the following individuals is most likely to quickly establish positive bonds with stepchildren?a. Liliana, a stepmother with no other childrenb. Barry, a stepfather with children of his ownc. Jack, a stepfather with no other childrend. Diane, a stepmother with children of her own7.) Conflict between the demand of work and family in dua-career households is reduced when couples have..a. more traditional gender roles.b. more than two children.c. control over both work and family domainsd. their own business8.) Yellowing of the lens and increasing the density of the vitreous causes_______ and _______.a. reduced sensitivity to bright lights; heightens color discriminationb. difficulty adjusting to different distances; heightens color discriminationc. increased sensitivity to lights; limits color discriminationd. serious eye disorders; blindness9.) As adults age, the skin…a. produces more oilb. loses elasticity and begins to sagc. both wrinkles and tightensd. develops a thinker fat layer in the hypodermis10.) Terry is approaching 50. He can anticipate an accumulation of fat in which areas of his body?a. face and legsb. lower abdomen and facec. waist and upper armsd. back and upper abdomen

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